8 September 2014
8 September 2014,

Fund AdventureOur first pack meeting to kick off the new year isn’t scheduled until next week but that doesn’t mean we have been idle. This first post of the year is designed to get you up to speed in case you’ve missed all the happenings.

Pack Calendar

First, remember that you can sync your calendar to the pack calendar so you can be automatically updated on the latest news and events. You can check out the calendar and setup the sync right here. Also, make sure you sign up with your email address to get updated with these posts as they happen.

Popcorn Sales

Popcorn sales are underway and our first weekend at Graul’s was a great success. Everyone should receive their official popcorn sales sheets at their first Den meeting of the year. Please check the schedule to find out when your first one is.  As many of you are probably aware, our main need this year is a new Pinewood Derby Track. We are really hoping to get to our goal and make a new one a reality. The boys would benefit greatly. If you haven’t signed up for a spot at Graul’s to do a Popcorn Show and Sell, use this form to do so now. Spaces are limited.

Splitting the Bears Den

Due to the size of the Den, it was necessary to split the Bears Den into two different groups. Props to Brent Seabrook and Chris Fuller for volunteering to be in charge of this new group. Places and dates for these meetings are still up in the air.

Back to School Night

This Tuesday, September 9th, is Back to School night at Cape St. Claire Elementary School for the Pack. This is a great time to recruit new members who want to join. We’d love to see you there.

First Pack Meeting of the year is September 16th at 7pm.

Lastly, remember that next Tuesday at 7pm is our first Pack Meeting of the year. This meeting is for all boys, even ones who have first signed up. It’s held at the Cape St. Claire Improvement Association Clubhouse. We hope to see all new and returning boys there.


Stay tuned to this website for all the latest news and happening for this new year!




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